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Is it true; is it kind, or is it necessary? -- Socrates, Essential Thinkers

The journey towards the maturity of large language models has been an evolutionary process that spanned several years of research, development, and iteration. It began with the advent of early language models, which laid the groundwork for understanding and generating human-like text. As researchers refined these models, they progressively expanded their capacity to comprehend and produce coherent and contextually relevant responses. Through extensive training on vast amounts of diverse text data, these models acquired a broad understanding of human knowledge, language patterns, and cultural nuances.

They became adept at recognizing and generating nuanced text, emulating human conversation in an unprecedented manner.

Foundational large language models (LLMs) were not initially trained with the explicit goal of prioritizing the wellness and mental health of their participants. The primary focus during their development was to achieve high language generation capabilities and linguistic proficiency. As a result, these models inherited biases and tendencies present in the data they were trained on, which often reflect the inherent biases and prejudices prevalent in society.

This can inadvertently lead to the generation of harmful or offensive content, perpetuating stereotypes or even amplifying extremist ideologies.

The training process itself may have unintended consequences on the well-being of participants. LLMs are typically trained on vast amounts of user-generated content from various sources, which can include inappropriate or toxic language.

Exposure to such content during training can have negative psychological effects on the individuals involved, including the risk of mental fatigue, burnout, or vicarious trauma.

The current state of LLMs allows them to speak coherently and expressively; for the most part, they speak truth. They are not trained to speak well.

Enter WellTech.

We at WellTech developed the new approach utilizing a Wellness Index and continuous training by human experts in interpersonal interaction and psychology. The process involves a collaborative effort between LLMs and human evaluators, ensuring a more holistic and nuanced assessment of content.

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